Dimensions and lizards

July 6, 2017, 12:08 a.m.

I am gonna talk about an interesting prospective of dimensions and how I managed interpreting them. Lizards might be creepy but manage imagining a flat lizard (I mean a two dimensional lizard) on the ceiling of a cuboidal room painted all white. This small creature has a flat vision (a two dimensional vision) and can only see its fellow flat lizards on the ceiling. Everything that the lizard could see or interpret are the fellow flat lizards and objects on the ceiling of the cuboidal room. Although there is a fan hanging in the room but the lizard could only see or interpret a circular region in its dimensions.

What if we introduce the lizard onto one of the four the walls (not the ceiling) of the cuboidal room ? We have unlocked a whole new dimension for the lizard now. The lizard on the wall would be in a new world with different dimensions. Everything the lizard interprets in these dimensions would be completely new for it, all together a different world for this innocent flat lizard. Just by picking up the flat lizard from the ceiling and placing it on the wall made it enter a new world. Hence introducing you the concept of changing dimensions.

Think of the flat lizard introduced onto a huge spherical bob suspended at the centre of the cubical room. Every time it moves, it would enter a new world of different dimensions. We are standing in the same room and watching the poor flat lizard crawling over the huge sphere entering new dimensions each time it moves forward on the sphere. The poor flat lizard due to its flat vision cannot interpret that there is a cruel human standing in the same room watching it move on the huge spherical bob. How sad !

We usually consider the fourth dimension as Time. Think of someone having the ability to interpret four dimensions, (time being the fourth dimension) watching us. That cruel someone who has got hold of the 4 dimensions(including the dimension of the time) is watching us peril with time in this small world. Can we now call this cruel someone who has got hold of the four dimensions as God ? Is this the one our god who knows our future and is the one we worship.

The game of imagining doesn't end yet. Just think of the cruel someone who has got hold of the 5th dimension as well, watching our god. Are there infinite dimensions ?