My GSOC Tale

July 3, 2017, 12:22 a.m.

Google Summer of Code is a renowned international annual program conducted by Google offering one of the most prestigious internship for students enrolled in a university. Students from all over the world apply for the Google Summer of Code and only a thousand among them would be selected. It’s immense reputation and all the perks it has made me want to crack it.
The Journey started an year ago where I started to worked on improving my open source contribution. In the journey I managed getting comfortable to Python, then the Django and the Flask frameworks, Android app development and deigning RESTful API’s . I have managed building the backend of four odd applications. I made it clear that I would target the organizations which had projects on Django and Flask frameworks.
On 27th February, when the list of organizations were announced, I tried to figure out the list of all the organizations which had projects of my interest. I then had to go through the code base of each of the organization’s projects and filter out the few organizations and projects which I could work on. After finalizing the organizations, I tried to contribute to multiple organizations simultaneously (AboutCode, Zulip, Fossasia and Coala) to increase my chances of selection. Then the time had come to work on my proposal. I had to put on a lot of hours for building my proposal. After drafting the proposal for the organizations, the mentors of the organizations helped me refine my proposal before I submitted the final draft of my proposal.
In spite of my efforts I was really nervous. On the D-day I had to leave for Banglore for my internship at a Startup which was a backup plan for my summers. The results were to be announced at 9.30pm and I had my bus to Banglore scheduled at 9.25pm. I couldn’t resist myself to refresh my dashboard persistently until something changed. The bus was running late. When the clocked ticked 9.30pm, the dashboard has changed and I jumped with joy. This was one of the best moment of my life, my proposal for AboutCode was selected. The bus arrived in a few minutes and I didn’t board the bus.