Behind The Unlocked Door

July 2, 2017, 6:34 p.m.

Just after dusk when the air had an aura of agony and partially of charm,
When the old street lights interrupted the darkness with faint light,
We were walking down the aisle holding hands, fingers entwined.
Our eyes met which sparked a jolt;
intimacy isn't in the touch, it's in the eyes.
As we noticed our faded expressions,
Droplets of thoughts ran down our face.
We were Intrigued by the mysterious serene wind across our hind.
A door trudged forward as though bathed in thick syrup,
Shaken by untimely whispers and a huge shadow moving away from the door,
We came closer and held our hands tighter than before.
As the Curiosity peeped from behind,
The battle to unravel the mystery began -
Giving rise to a turbulence of thoughts and emotions.
As she stepped forward to unveil the mystery with a lot of ease,
I clasped those soft hands of her and looked into her curious eyes.
Our eyes did the talking, and
Turning back, we walked away without uttering a word.
Although the mysterious door stayed alive in our conversation, and the Curiosity still flaming our souls.
Never again did we walk down the isle nor did we try to unravel the mystery.
'Some things are better left uncovered.'

- Raju Koushik and Kshitija sarda!