Last Cheating Experience

April 12, 2017, 9:48 a.m.

This happened during my second semester at a IIIT. The subject was Calculus.It was 9:00 am and we were ready to get our question papers. As soon as I got my papers I went through it and came to a conclusion that it was even difficult score 5 marks in this 40 marks paper.I had no idea and ended up watching faces and was literally tensed watching all people seriously attempting their paper. Its generally a difficult thing to cheat over here.I saw my friend walking towards the washroom room from the window which I was sitting beside and walked briskly towards the washroom.I entered and was really excited to find people discussing.I thought I could collect few answers but found our Registrar coming out of one of the private room who signalled me to remain silent and was unnoticed by my poor friends.Our registrar caught those guys and told them he would reduce their marks to a single digit number.The situation shifts towards the mess.Found all the four friends who were caught were not really worried with huge smiles over their faces. As soon as I joined them I knew that none of us would actually reach the double digit mile stone. (Smiles all over in the scene).
"Registrar,we have reduced your work as we were confident of scoring single digit marks,now you have no chance of reducing them" -these were the lines said by one of my friend.