Smart things lazy people do

April 12, 2017, 9:46 a.m.

The smartest thing done by lazy people is that they doesn't do things , smart isn't it. They make their fellow beings to do their things and enjoy the coziness of their bed.

The day was hot and I was really lazy to switch on my fan which was few feet away from me.There was this friend of mine who lives next door , and is really intrigued by coding and he is always enthusiastic and forthright to fix bugs and enjoy the sight of a code which runs successfully. I pinged my friend saying that I had bugs in my code and I wanted it to be fixed as soon as possible. I grabbed my laptop and just removed a semicolon from some random line(yeah! the language was not Python) of some previously written code on my desktop. My friend just entered the room and asked for the problem with ease. I handed him over my lappy and he found the error in no time (although he only had to run the code and check for the error returned by the compiler :P ). While he was leaving my room I asked him to turn on my fan, which he did conspicuously. Problem solved.

PS- Believe it or not I was the one on the bed.