Memorable Date

April 12, 2017, 9:33 a.m.

I always yearned to go on a date with her. I came across this idea of the 40 day dating challenge over the web and the first one who came across my mind was her. She being my friend, in fact a close one whom I shared all the secrets of my small world, I was really tensed to ask her out for a date. I explained her the idea of the 40 day dating challenge where two close friends plan out to go on dates for a period of 40 days. With a lot of ease we read together the blog and decided upon taking up the 40 day dating challenge. She was just getting over a breakup and I was already dating another girl she knew. We didn’t want anyone in our college to know about this but we were really excited about it. We have decided together the date to start the dating challenge. We have fixed it to be the 4th of Feb.

2nd Feb
I told her that we won’t be the same anymore for few days so let’s get disguised into new characters. I messaged her the night that I would choose the name for her new disguised character. She replied by saying that she would chose mine. We spent some time walking around our hostel, talking about how exciting the dates are gonna be and bid adieu. That night when we returned back to our respective hostels, I messaged her boasting how good I am at picking names and gave her a hint that it was the name of my favourite sitcom character.

3rd Feb

Like any other day we were walking around our hostel discussing random stuff. I asked her if she selected a name for me. She told that she has done it but wants me to reveal the name first. I told her the name was Rachel. I could see the excitement in her eyes imagining herself as Rachel (a character from the sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S). Incidentally she has picked the name Ross (a character from the sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S ). I was awestruck, we were already on the same page. We called this to be the zeroth day of our 40 day dating challenge. Both of us were equally excited for the following day. The same night I messaged her if she was ready for the dating challenge and the reply was a ‘Hell Yeah’. I spent the rest of the night thinking about the probable dating destinations. It was her first ever date and I wanted the date to be a memorable one for both of us. I felt that I could do anything for the smile on her face.

4th Feb
We woke up all excited and went on for a walk around our hostel getting to know each other and revealing few untold secrets. We looked into the eyes of each other and enjoyed the moment under the innocuous blue clouds. We hopped into different areas of our locality, even a nearby temple. I planned for a lunch date and asked to get ready by 1pm. I told her that the destination would be a surprise. I went back to the hostel and finalized a dating destination for the day after immense google searches and phone calls. Selecting the place would be a key for the date and was an herculean task. I took a shower and hopped into my best clothes, tried using all the cosmetics my friend had and tried to look good which I conspicuously failed to. I grabbed my keys, got down the stairs and saw her waiting. I was awestruck and fell for her panache at the same moment. We drove and gossiped through out the way and finally reached the destination. It was an amazing restaurant which had a treehouse in it. I could see the excitement in her eyes when we were climbing the stairs which guided us to the treehouse, where we were about to have our lunch. We had some amazing time on the tree house 15 feet above the ground all excited, complimented by some amazing Italian dishes which we never had before. We left the place after clicking few pictures and headed towards a bowling alley where we had an amazing bowling experience, felt like we were in a different world. We drove back to our hostel after making memories which would never fade away. This was one of the most amazing dates I have ever had.Some memories never fade away.

PS - This was the first day of our 40 day dating challenge.