April 12, 2017, 9:28 a.m.

Every day I feel it important to get inspired to achieve my goals and keep track of my future.I have always been the underperformer inspite of my persistent search of inspiration. Everyday I have practiced to take inspiration from every person I have met, tried to learn from them irrespective of their flaws. I have learnt to take in inspiration for the need of achieving my goals. I have tried to take in inspiration from the firm friend who handles situation with a still head, tried to take inspiration from the friend who talks wise, tried to take inspiration from the old aged fruit seller who sold her fruits with the same enthusiasm everyday, tried to take inspiration from my parents who have never stopped to shower their love, tried to take inspiration the friend who never missed a class and from the friend who never failed to miss a Shark Khan movie, tried to take inspiration from every possible person and thing. I have stilled under performed. I have aimed for a perfect score in Math paper , was 3 marks short, I have aimed for getting into the prestigious IITs, got into a IIIT,I have aimed to secure a foreign internship in an Institute I dreamt, landed an internship at Bangalore this summer, I have aimed to win a Table Tennis Tournament for my college but have been out of the semis twice . I have under performed but taking in motivation from every person and every little thing in life have made my life still content-full. I still remember the days I have under performed but I have learnt that taking in inspiration from every possible thing that would keep one going and strive for the last mile which kept me from underperforming would make one’s life better.

Taking in inspiration from everyone and every possible thing is the key which I am sure would help me reach that extra mile.